Introducing the Trinity Table II™

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The new Trinity Table is modified with copper to enhance your experience. The arms and the base of the table are covered in copper. These additions will enhance your vibrational experience. Slightly taller than the original model, the Trinity Table II™ stands at the perfect height for energy balancing and facilitating conversation.
Here is what some people who have experienced The Trinity Table II™ have said.

"I felt an arc of energy around me expanding my field."

"I felt a vibration running through my body from my crown to my feet, which continued for some time after the experience was over."

"I was wrapped in a sense of deep peace."

The Trinity Table II™ Approximate Dimensions and Weight

Bed is 7 feet 5 inches long- 2 feet 11 inches wide
Bed height when level is 29 inches- arm height is 38 inches
Base is 3 feet by 2 feet 6 inches and 21 inches tall- Total weight 500 lbs.
Each table is handmade and exact dimensions may vary
Made of oak with copper lining the base and arms
DC electric motor with the capacity to turn clockwise and counterclockwise

** It is suggested for office use that the room size should be 10 feet by 10 feet or larger.
For personal use a smaller room would be feasible.

For information regarding purchasing a Trinity Table™ or Trinity Table II™ and Trinity Table practitioner training, please contact Dr. Margaret Clench at 214- 754-8080 or Trinity

Note: The Trinity Table is NOT a medical device. It promotes deep relaxation and altered states of consciousness.

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