Dr. Mary Anderson's research was entitled "The Trinity Table: The Effects of Vestibular and Audio Stimulation on the Healing of Psychological Trauma and the Expansion of Consciousness." Resolution of trauma, expansion of consciousness and the effects on depression, anxiety/stress, fatigue and physical pain were examined through a single table experience. Data was gathered though a Pilot Study Questionnaire, the Multiple Affect Adjective Checklist (MAACL), the Phenomeology of Consciousness Inventory (PCI) and kinesiology measurements.

Results suggest that the table experience is effective in lowering levels of pain, stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety at statistically significant levels. While levels of perceived trauma resolution were not statistically significant, changes were noted indicating a conceptual significance. Kinesiology measures suggested a temporary increase in consciousness levels after experiencing the Trinity Table.

The scientific research conducted by Dr. Margaret Clench was entitled "Psycho/Physiological Effects of Vestibular and Audio Stimulation: The Trinity Table." This research found many positive effects. The comparisons of before and after measurements taken of blood pressure, pulse, and temperature, all showed statistically significant lowered measurements after the Trinity Table experience.

Psychological testing of mood states with the Profile of Mood States™ (POMS), revealed reductions in anger, confusion, tension, depression, and fatigue. Standard Form #8™ (Health Survey), revealed reductions in emotional stress, pain, improvement in physical function and overall mental health improvement. All these measurements were also statistically significant.

Participants in the study also wrote narratives of their experiences. These were analyzed using Dr. Arnold Ludwig's features of altered states of consciousness. Many features of altered states were found to be present in the writings of these participants. Some of the most common of these were alterations in thinking, sense of rejuvenation, and change in emotions.

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