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Korotkov GDV Camera - Energy Field Interpretation

After Trinity Table Experience
Before Trinity Table Experience

Individuals seeking to evaluate their emotional and physical energetic health should schedule a Korotkov Camera energy analysis.

It is helpful for individuals to see how their emotional state affects their energy field and how physical stress affects their energy field as well. The state of the chakras and the energy level of each chakra is beneficial to know. Medication effectiveness can be evaluated by reviewing the energy field before and after administration.

Here is what some people who have had a GDV Energy Analysis have said:

“I was amazed that my energy field was so large and full after a Trinity Table™ ride.”

“I could even see the spot on my hip where I have a metal pin. This equipment is very sensitive.”

“It is very exciting to see the changes in my aura that are occurring from my ongoing personal spiritual work.”

Printouts include:


Emotional Stress- Physical Stress Analysis


60 minute initial energy field analysis $100.00

60 minute follow-up evaluations $85.00

90 minute medication evaluation $150.00

90 minute Before and After Trinity Table Experience $150.00


Please refrain from caffeine ingestion the day of the evaluation or recognize that it will impact your energy field. Schedule the analysis for a time about 3 hours after a meal. Do not wash your hands 15-minutes prior to the analysis.

Information regarding the GDV technology

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is the author of 5 books and numerous publications. He is a world-renowned scientist in the area of the Human Energy Field. He developed the GDV Technology in order to scientifically examine the human energy field. The technology is based on the well-known Kirlian effect. The GDV system allows for direct real time photos of changes in the energy field of humans, animals and objects. The information from fingertip corona is quantified, made visible, and analyzed by sophisticated software. This has extraordinary implications for all health related fields including traditional, preventative and complementary medicine. The GDV demonstrates the objective influence on the human energy field of physical and mental activity.

This analysis is an energy field analysis not a medical diagnosis.

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