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Individuals, Couples and Corporate Archetypal Consulting
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"We are each born with a Sacred Contract, an agreement to learn certain lessons and develop wisdom in this lifetime."
- -
Carolyn Myss

We have 12 primary archetypes to help us on this journey. Dr. Carl Jung originally developed this idea in the 1930's. He belived that archetypes live in a collective unconscious in which we are all connected. Knowledge of our archetypes helps you to understand why we meet and interact with certain individuals and why we take on specific duties throughout our life, from which we learn many lessons.

Dr. Margaret Clench has completed a two-year certification program with Dr. Caroline Myss to teach individuals and corporations this technique. She has found this work to be so influential in her own life, that she is now drawn to share it with others. This exciting and insightful program will enable individuals to recognize the forces at work impacting their personal and professional lives. As you become familiar with your archetypal patterns, you are able to view the world through an archetypal lens. The benefits of this process are a greater level of personal clarity allowing for a higher level of healthy detachment, a decrease in judgment and a lessening of power struggles.

At a corporate level, executives and managers can see how the corporate archetypes help and hinder the growth and prosperity of the corporation. Awareness of this process, allows for significant changes to increase communication and profitability. Dr. Clench will tailor this program to meet the needs of the corporate structure.

Individuals and couples can work with Dr. Clench in private counseling or in a class setting. Details for classes are here: Sacred Contracts Classes Call 214-754-8080 or email drmargaretclench@gmail.com for more details.

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