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The Trinity Center of Dallas is dedicated to helping individuals master the connections between their mind, body, and spirit. We all have within us the wisdom, strength and power to live a life of health and prosperity. Sometimes this can be difficult to see and we wonder how best to grow and expand ourselves. We offer resources that foster in individuals the ability to live and grow with love, forgiveness, intention, and clarity. These tools assist the individual to a higher level of healing and integration of their personal work.


• Trinity Table Experience • GDV Energy Field Analysis • Hypnosis Regression • Bio-energy Work
• Spiritual Growth Seminars • Archetypal Consulting • Sacred Contract Classes

Margaret Clench, PhD, ThD, RN
Margaret is the Director of The Trinity Center of Dallas, Inc. She has a PhD in the Science of Intuition and Energy Medicine from Greenwich University, and a Doctor of Theology in Spiritual Healing from HOLOS University Graduate Seminary. Margaret has completed the two-year certification program with Dr. Caroline Myss. She now offers corporate and individual archetype analysis utilizing the techniques developed by Dr. Myss in her groundbreaking book, Sacred Contracts.

After fifteen years as a Registered Nurse, Margaret transitioned into the corporate world where she became the President of Green Expectations, a large interior and exterior landscaping company with over 70 employees. She successfully managed this company for 3 years and then sold it to an international corporation. Margaret then became a Human Resources and Management consultant, helping corporations recognize and value their employees in new and innovative ways. Through this work in Human Resources, Dr. Clench began to more fully appreciate the impact of the mind/body connection to personal well being. She was drawn to go back to school to develop this interest. She has blended her diverse background to open the Trinity Center of Dallas, Inc. offering integrative modalities of healing. Dr. Clench facilitates clients’ growth through the use of The Trinity Table®, Korotkov Camera Energy Field Analysis, Spiritual Counseling, Bio-Energy Work and Sacred Contracts - Archetypal Counseling. She recognizes the significant impact this work can have on individuals to empower themselves in their spiritual developement. This in turn impacts the workplace, relationships and enables individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives. Margaret offers ongoing group workshops as well as individual consultations.

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